Gen 2 Transducer Mounted Propulsion System for Hobie™ Kayaks
Gen 2 Transducer Mounted Propulsion System for Hobie™ Kayaks
Gen 2 Transducer Mounted Propulsion System for Hobie™ Kayaks
Gen 2 Transducer Mounted Propulsion System for Hobie™ Kayaks

Gen 2 Transducer Mounted Propulsion System for Hobie™ Kayaks

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The Hobie transducer cavity in the Lynx and Outback/PA kayaks is the ideal location for our retractable propulsion system that can operate in under six inches of water.  This unit uses our brushless ducted motor mounted on a custom plate that will automatically deploy and retract from the transducer cavity space.  The complete system weighs under 12 pounds including our custom 14.8 volt 40ah battery and is a drop-in replacement for the existing Lowrance Ready Plate or Guardian Plate. 

Provides hours of propulsion with max speed equal to moderate pedaling.  Fully retracts into the hull to allow you to go through the shallowest water possible. 

Comes with everything you need to get going out on the water. 

Compatible with the Hobie® Lynx, Passport 12, Outback 2018+, and ProAngler

The upgraded Gen 2.0 system features the following improvement:

-Audible low battery indicator alert > know how much juice you have left

-On board USB outlet to charge accessories > always have power to charge

-More weed cutting power to reduce motor stalls > cut through debris

-LCD alerts and setup info to make operation simple >easy setup and troubleshooting

Includes the following Hardware:

-Waterproof rugged drive control case with integrated lithium battery and charger

-Proportional throttle control cable with clip to attach to rudder handle

-Propulsion plate with retractable motor attached and all hardware to install (skid plate protector not included)

*Does not include Skid Plates or Weed Guard*

All units come with a one-year warranty and all parts are available for repair.

If you have considered a Bixpy, Torqeedo, or NewPort Vessels system read our reviews and testimonials.   The TPP system offers a super clean and lightweight install that keeps your kayak looking sharp and uncluttered.  Our battery is included in the price and we are made in Texas.

*Control case no longer has kill-switch feature*  

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tyler P

Incredibly easy install! I use this for a boost while moving up stream to make this the ultimate river fishing set up. Makes for a much more enjoyable day on the river.

Good to hear you're loving your TPP!

Sarah Flanagan
Wonderful addition to pedaling.

Love having the extra power in the springs going against the current. Only problem we had was grass in the motor. Going to try weed guard. Enjoy having the ability to pedal while using the motor.

Let us know how it goes with a weed guard on your TPP! We're always happy to help you find other solutions!

Marty Kaufman
Great Addition to pedaling

Love the concept of this unit. Install was very easy on the Lynx and love being able to pedal while using the motor for additional power. We use these mainly in the springs for going against the current. The main issue we had on the initial test run was with weeds getting caught in the motor and we weren’t in a super weedy area. Will be getting the weed guard and hopefully that will solve this issue!

Excited to see you try out the weed guard! Thanks for the review!

Nate Mayfield
Great little boost

Clean install, no holes or wiring needed, whats not to like? I added this to my Lynx after having it on my PA14 and love it. Runs shallow and pops back up inside the transducer hole if you bump something. Gives a great little boost if I am in stiff wind or just want to kick my feet up and let the TPP run me out and back.

Thank you Nate! So glad you are satisfied with your Gen 2!

Happy, happy, happy

I got your product as a Christmas gift from my husband so I have not taken it out yet. I will take it out this week. The reason I got it is that I am older and lack the body strength I once had. I kayak with a group of 20 people and they love to leave us old timers in the dust on the home stretch. I know that once I get out there with this motor, this will be a game changer. I can’t wait to see their faces and I’ll try to hold the excitement in.

Thank you Marilyn for your review! Can't wait for you to get your Gen 2 out on the water!