Gen 2 Universal Propulsion System for all Kayaks w/ steerable rudders & fins
Gen 2 Universal Propulsion System for all Kayaks w/ steerable rudders & fins
Gen 2 Universal Propulsion System for all Kayaks w/ steerable rudders & fins
Gen 2 Universal Propulsion System for all Kayaks w/ steerable rudders & fins
Gen 2 Universal Propulsion System for all Kayaks w/ steerable rudders & fins
Gen 2 Universal Propulsion System for all Kayaks w/ steerable rudders & fins

Gen 2 Universal Propulsion System for all Kayaks w/ steerable rudders & fins

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The Texas Power Paddle system is now compatible with all kayaks with a steerable rudder or fin using our universal rudder mounted propulsion system.  

Kayak fishing fans our complete propulsion kit just got better and allows you to easily motorize your kayak with a system under 12 pounds including our custom 14.8 volt 40ah battery.  This unit uses our brushless ducted motor with mount. The universal adapter mounts to most rudders using three fasteners at the rear edge of the rudder.  Once installed the unit provides a clean uncluttered and stealthy approach to adding electric propulsion to your kayak.

Comes with everything you need to get going out on the water.

Compatible with all kayak models with a steerable rudder including Hobie Twist & Stow, Hobie Lynx, Hobie Passport, Bonafide, Jackson, Hoodoo, Native Watercraft, Vibe, Old Town, BOTE and many other models.  

The upgraded Gen 2.0 system features the following improvement:

-Integrated weed clearing routine> user triggered burst reverse for removing debris

-Audible low battery indicator alert > know how much juice you have left

-On board USB outlet to charge accessories > always have power to charge

-More weed cutting power to reduce motor stalls > cut through debris

-LCD alerts and setup info to make operation simple >easy setup and troubleshooting

-Factory serviceable & replaceable battery 

Includes the following:

-Waterproof rugged drive control case with integrated lithium battery and charger

-Proportional throttle control cable with clip to attach to rudder handle

-Motor with mount attached and all hardware to install.

-Jig to drill existing rudder/fin

-Cable routing clips to mount to kayak deck for clean install

-Weed guard ready design

All units come with a one-year warranty and all parts are available for repair.

If you have considered a Bixpy, Torqeedo, or NewPort Vessels system read our reviews and testimonials.   The TPP system offers a super clean and lightweight install that keeps your kayak looking sharp and uncluttered.  Our battery is included in the price and we are made in Texas.

*Control case no longer has kill-switch feature*

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mike Dickerson
Nice set-up

I bought this for my 2017 Outback. Install was really simple and it worked great. The only negative was the throttle mount was too flimsy and did not survive one day of fishing. Had to order the separate accessory and will see how well it lasts.

Thank you for the review Mike! Contact us at for any replacements you need in the future!

Cher Karbassian
Just WOW!!

I absolutely love this system! Having this system on my Hobie ITrek11 is a total game changer for me. The set up for this unit was so simple. I love having the ability to get from one spot to another and the steering is perfect. Thank you Texas Power Paddle for creating a great product!!

That is one lightweight powerful fishing platform you have there! Happy to be helping you chase those bass:)

Chris Schafer
The MAKO is a river fishing BEAST

I own a Hobie i11s & primarily fish shallow rivers. This motor has opened up so much water for me & allowed me to fish areas that rarely see another human…or lure. When researching motors, I didn’t want something that required me to take it on/off during transport or added a ton of weight to my kayak. After stumbling across the MAKO, I couldn’t believe that I found the exact motor I was envisioning in my head…without knowing it even existed.

I have owned the Mako motor for two seasons. Anyone reading this review that knows me knows that I wouldn’t be writing this with my name attached to it if I really wasn’t 100% satisfied. I’ll provide a few examples of why I’m so happy with this motor.

First, the seamless integration with the Hobie rudder and handle.

Second, installing the motor on the rudder creates an additional layer of protection for the motor due to the rudders ability to retract upwards when it strikes an obstacle.

Third, not only does the motor allow me to travel up river against the current, it also allows me to stay stationary in the current by adjusting the throttle control until I have it perfectly aligned with the strength of the current. Anyone that fishes rivers for BIG Smallmouth knows this is CRITICAL.

Lastly, I have yet to run out of battery during an 8 hour tournament. Keep in mind, I’m using this motor to go several miles up river against current & to also stay stationary in the current when I find fish positioned in certain areas of the river.

Really appreciate the review and happy to hear that all the things we designed into the MAKO unit are being fully utilized by you- keep running that river and send us some fish pics!

Exactly what I needed

Just completed maiden voyage with Texas power paddle Mako Gen 2 installed on my old Feathercraft Big Kahuna sit inside soft skin kayak.
Worked as advertised and I'm very pleased with it. On a 25 lb kayak it gives you a lot of speed, but more importantly, TPP provided the silent-running, hands-free slow speed maneuverability that I needed for wildlife photography while on the water. Plus, after the one hour test run it's still at 97% charge.
I couldn't be happier with the product and returned to the dock with hundreds of pictures that I couldn't have gotten otherwise. No more spooking sea otters, birds and seals with flashing kayak paddles.
Nicely done Texas power paddle.

Really great to hear that you are taking advantage of the stealthy nature of our system with a big bonus that the wildlife are fans too! Would love to feature some of your photos so feel free to pass along.

Thanks again and enjoy!

Great Package But...

I installed the TPP universal propulsion system onto my 2021 Native Slayer Propel 10. Installation was simple and very quick, less than 10 minutes. For native slayer owners, I just routed the wire through one of the rear scupper holes and then put the scupper plug back on, no leaks even though it doesn't seal all the way. It is truly a stealth propulsion system.

The only drawback that makes me give it a 4 star instead of a five star is the speed. I was only able to get up to 3 maybe 3.5 mph in my slayer fully rigged with no current. If you are in current up to 1 mph then you'll get up to 2 maybe 2.5 mph only.

I was hoping for more speed at the price but for the ease of install and the stealth look without having to pull any cords etc. it works for me. If you also pedal with the motor at full speed you should be able to get 4-4.5 mph comfortably. The battery seems to last pretty long. I took it out for 6 hours and was on full speed for probably at least 1 hour and variable speeds throughout the six hours and still had about 50% battery left.

Two things that would make this a truly 5-star item would be a higher-powered motor to be able to go 4+ mph and an option to purchase longer cords so the battery pack can be mounted in the front or somewhere else in the kayak. This item would be great for someone who wants a stealth look, low total weight, and the ability to control speed precisely. If you are looking for all-out speed then I will say to look elsewhere.

Thank you for the detailed review and suggestions! When we make upgrades we will keep you in the loop- thanks for being a customer.